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Lead change for good in provision of assistive devices.
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Do you want to offer innovative, cost-effective, proven, and scalable product & service solutions?
PandoConsult can help you deliver quality outcomes that change lives?

Our Services

Product & Service Development

Want to meet the increasing global demand for assistive devices and rehabilitation services? PandoConsult can support you to move the World to a new Future.


Capacity Building & Franchising

Business model innovation can allow you to leverage available and proven technologies to provide solutions for real user needs, with benefits for all stakeholders. PandoConsult can advise you how to design your business to deliver positive outcomes and results.


Performance Improvement & Best Practice Adoption

Once you’ve selected and adopted the most effective business model PandoConsult can help you optimise and fine tune all the key processes for optimal performance, speed, agility, responsiveness, and results


Partnerships & Collaborations

Like-minded companies of all sizes can collaborate to reinvent how business is done, and together craft how products and services, and positive outcomes, are delivered globally! PandoConsult can help you identify the right partners with shared passions and build win-win cooperation


Aligning, and preparing your team for change

It’s your people that make change happen. PandoConsult can facilitate and support the preparation, enabling and motivation of your team for the exciting challenges ahead


Growth strategy

Leveraging solid international experience across industries, PandoConsult can assist in building a new and profitable growth strategy


Business model development

An innovative and robust business model is key to achieving your growth ambitions. We can help you select the best one to meet your goals



Knowing how to “make it happen” across all aspects of the business is critical. We’ll help you with implementing and optimising operations


The Value we add

Realistic, focused and pragmatic

Internationally seasoned

Based on many years of consulting and line management experience, the PandoConsult team provides proven and tested technology & business development services.

Experienced in innovation

Throughout their careers innovation for positive change has been very much part of the PandoConsult team’s approach, captured in proven methodologies and tools.

Hands-on and forward thinking

With senior team members and partners across the globe, PandoConsult supports you to be pragmatic, bold and innovative.

Team enhancement

We may lead or complement your project team, reinforcing your capability to drive your targeted change. Equally we can operate in the background, coaching and coaxing your team towards the established goals

Fast, dedicated and agile

We’ll work with you to define the objectives, scope, deliverables, and roadmap for your project, and how PandoConsult can best support to you to make it happen.

About Us

Seasoned support to make it happen...

Forward thinking, innovative, and sharing a global perspective PandoConsult’s core team and partners have experience in building businesses, and supporting others to build them.

The team has a wealth of multi-disciplinary experience across industries, and works together to bring a hands-on, entrepreneurial, commercially oriented and pragmatic approach to clients, constantly focusing on the need to “make it happen”.

PandoConsult can also involve other trusted professional specialists from its international network. These range from consultants with specific expertise, to professional services firms such as lawyers, accountants and media experts.

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Innovate the future and make it happen

If you have the ambition to drive positive change in the World of assistive devices, PandoConsult could be the right partner for you. To start the conversation with one of our senior team members please start by clicking below and sending a first mail.

As we enter dialogue, please rest assured that we practice a policy of discretion, and are happy to work with an NDA.

If you want to share ideas, or open dialogue about building a trail-blazing future, don’t hesitate too much, just drop us a line. Let’s Talk Innovation.